For a limited time, the San Diego Automotive Museum is hosting the First Responders exhibition in Balboa Park. As the name implies, the exhibition is showcasing various emergency service vehicles from the past several decades.

Various first responder vehicles can be viewed in their entirety, along with photographs and other information that help to tell the story behind some of San Diego’s most iconic emergency service vehicles.

As explained by the exhibition, first responders are always the first persons to arrive at the scene of an accident or emergency. Their goal is to ensure the protection of any people involved in the incident, as well as preserving any property.

Automotive accidents certainly counted among these emergencies, along with various others including natural disasters, medical emergencies, crimes, fires, and possibly terrorist attacks.

Types of Responders

Responders can vary too, with police officers, EMTs, coast guards and firefighters all prime examples of the diverse nature of first response units. Each one has had their own dedicated vehicles to better help with their jobs, with cars, SUVs, motorcycles, specially designed trucks, and ATVs all featured.

In both the past and present, these vehicles require special design features and technology to allow them to offer the best chance of helping in an emergency.

As technology continues to improve, our first responders will only stand to benefit – which is good news for all!

The exhibition also offers a look into some vintage first respond vehicles. For instance, a 1926 Buick Police “Paddy Wagon” is one of the many vehicles representing the San Diego Police Department.

Similarly, you can catch a glimpse of the Sand Diego County Sheriff’s Department (which deals with calls for the County of San Diego) early vehicles with the 1989 Sheriff’s Chevrolet Caprice Cruiser.

The First Responders is an awesome exhibition well worth checking out! Not only does it let you view such a historic part of San Diego, but you get to checkout some really cool vehicles!