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Our Commitment To Quality Auto Glass Repair

At Liberty Auto Glass, we specialize in a variety of auto glass repair services to residents in and around San Diego. Our certified technicians are highly skilled and can complete all kinds of auto glass repair in no time at all.

Auto glass repair is very common throughout San Diego, as it can be quite easy for your auto glass to be damaged, typically from debris impacting the glass or theft.

We complete several auto glass repair jobs daily, offering the perfect blend of fast and reliable, allowing you the time to get the necessary repairs and still have time to go about your day.

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Our Auto Glass Repair Services

  • Windshield Replacement & Windshield Repair

  • Auto Glass Replacement & Auto Glass Repair

  • Mobile Service – We Come to You!

  • Rear Window & Side Window Replacement / Repair

  • Windshield Crack Repair

  • One Year Warranty

San Diego Location Areas Served

  • San Diego & Surrounding Areas

  • Coronado

  • La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas

  • Kearny Mesa, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, El Cajon

  • National City, Chula Vista, Oceanside

  • Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, Poway

The Best Auto Glass Repair in San Diego

As one of the most experienced auto glass service providers in the San Diego, we know exactly what it takes to install high quality auto glass. Our technicians are fully certified, being fully trained to the highest possible standards – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the level of work here!

Auto glass will usually need to be repaired whenever there is significant damage or just a crack discovered. This can be anywhere on the vehicle, including the windshield, rear window, side windows and even quarter windows.

They will be able to identify the extent of the damage with a quick inspection, as cracks and chips are usually noted by their size and shape. Once we have checked this, we can determine what kind of repairs are needed – or if the only option is to replace the glass.

Windshield Repairs & Replacement

Of all the auto glass repairs we deal with at Liberty Auto Glass, windshields are by far the most common – which also happens to be the most dangerous kind of damage to auto glass.

Debris kicking up from the roads is known to cause damage, which may go unnoticed, which leads to cracks or chips developing. Sometimes the impact is significant enough to cause the damage there and then, but often the damage spreads over time. Regardless of the cause, our technicians can effortlessly repair your windshield whenever possible, saving you the time and hassle… but quite often a full windshield replacement is necessary.

Side Windows

Damage to the side windows, be it a crack or small chip, usually gets overlooked as not everyone realizes how dangerous it can be. A side window needs to be repaired whenever possible because it can greatly hinder driver visibility.

No matter the cause of the damage, we can provide quick glass repair for all side windows, including quarter windows found on some vehicles.

Rear Windows

Much like the windshield, rear window auto glass repair is fairly common here in San Diego. Damage to the rear window is just as hazardous as the windshield as it plays a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of a vehicle.

Small chips and cracks here are quite an annoyance as they can spread much faster than the windshield because of the force of the trunk door opening and closing.

In fact, a small chip can eventually cause the entire window to shatter if the trunk door is slammed hard enough, turning what could have been a quick and easy auto glass repair job into a costlier replacement job.

Auto Glass Repair San Diego

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