Even while a little chip or brief crack in your windshield is not a reason to freak out, it is also not something that you should overlook. Even if it isn’t a big deal right now, if it isn’t fixed it might become a much bigger one in the future.

The following are some of the most important reasons why you should make an appointment at an auto glass repair San Diego business as soon as possible to get this issue fixed.


Any defect, however little, in the overall integrity of the windscreen surface has the potential to worsen over time. It doesn’t matter how small it is right now; it has the potential to send out multiple cracks into other regions of the windshield until the damage becomes too severe for most repair shops to handle it. At that point, there is no longer any chance of getting out of the situation without replacing the windshield in its entirety. If the crack is longer than a dollar bill, you will probably have to pay for a new windshield.

However, if you can find a windshield repair San Diego shop that has the equipment for larger repairs, the size of the crack that can be repaired may be up to eighteen inches. If the crack is shorter than a dollar bill, you may be able to get away with paying for a new windshield. And if the damage spreads into an important part of the windshield, you may be looking at the prospect of having to replace that as well.

Water damage

If water gets into the crack, it can get between the glass and the protective coating, which can cause the two to separate and cause bigger areas of the windshield to become hazy. If water gets into the crack, it can also get between the glass and the protective coating. In addition, the water may transport other impurities into the fracture, such as dirt, making it far more challenging, if not impossible, to repair.

Decreased visibility

Even after the breach has been filled, the driver’s visibility may be impaired if the fracture was located in an area that obstructed their direct line of sight. Because of this, allowing a crack in one area of the glass to grow to another area of the windshield might mean practically throwing away several hundred dollars, because it will be suggested for Auto Glass San Diego for safety concerns once the crack impacts the driver’s line of sight.

Traffic laws

It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle in several states with a damaged windshield. You should research the laws of your state to see whether or not this is the situation there. It would be in your best interest to avoid getting pulled over just for the reason that today is not the best day to take your vehicle to the mechanic.

Structural integrity

In the event of a collision, the windshield is constructed out of reinforced glass to not only serve as a backup for the airbags but also to offer some protection from the impact of the accident. In the case of a collision, your windshield may not be able to offer you any protection if it has already been damaged.